Working closely with our broadcast partners we provide a wide range of solutions and content that enhances the viewers experience of live sporting events. From major Championship golf through to top horse races, marathons, rugby, rowing, cycling and many other sports, PinPoint has developed unique and industry leading solutions. The live TV experienced PinPoint team work on site and integrate their ‘plug and play’ solutions to multiple broadcasters across the globe.

Technology Developments

PinPoint are continually pushing the boundaries of R&D. Using a network of international developers, all experts in their specific field, the company is able to bring to market broadcast ready solutions that keep moving the bar of excellence higher and higher. Whilst some developments are still under wraps the latest released products show a company focused on progress and utilising the latest  hardware advances to the benefit of our customers.


Data Collection

A core skill of the company and one that has been at PinPoint’s  heart since the companies foundation. Using a multitude of techniques – laser, GPS, motion tracking, ultra sound, radar and infrared, the company will find the most accurate and cost effective solution to collate the required data.
From working with sporting bodies in collecting real time data for resale, collecting and distributing to multiple sources key wind data, to developing, with a 3rd party, GPS tracking solutions for collection of positional data in horse racing, PinPoint will deliver highly accurate and minimal latency solutions to meet most budgets.

Data Analysis

Collecting real time and accurate data is a key skill. However, the real value in data collection comes with the ability to integrate the data with other available data to produce insight where it was previously not available. Using our team of graduate statisticians PinPoint regularly takes core data and through a selection of techniques brings additional information to light.
Taking these results and then putting these through one of the companies visualisation products, multiple content options become available to enhance a live telecast or create additional data streams.